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"light budget, heavy thinking !"

I began to write short web notes and observations on music, sound and related subjects in 2002, at around the same time that I began collecting tape-debris for what since has become the voluminous online Found Tapes Exhibition ( * ). Over the seven years of its existence, the SoundBlog entries have grown longer, deeper... Time spent writing and (depending on the subject) researching them grew correspondingly. I greatly enjoy investing that time, for I know - and am happy to see - that the blog over the years managed to attract a select, continuously still growing group of regular viewers worldwide.

The SoundBlog now, in august 2009, site-wide consists in some 300 distinct web pages, and comprises some 330 distinct dated entries, with a total of over 400.000 words. In traditional print, that might easily make for close to a 1000 pages ...

All this time the SoundBlog has been without any external financial support whatsoever. Since a couple of years the pages include - barely visible - Google ads, that's true. The little revenue these generate though are barely enough to cover the hosting costs of the site ... ( ** )

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(*) Both are among the few blogs still 'out there', that are still fully hand-coded and do not rely upon some sort of 'blogging software'. Nor is either of them 'data base driven'. That's just a fact .. I do not mean to imply that this is something that I am proud of, or something that is necessarily 'good' or 'better'. ... [ ^ ]
(**) Nevertheless, don't hesitate to click such Google ads; whenever their subject matter interests you, or (it happens) appears to be outrageously un-related to the content of the posts ... All little bits help ... [ ^ ]

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