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made in ameland

september 18, 2004.

park op ameland

Saturday september 18 on park4dtv: a continuous 24 hour webcast presenting some of the vi- and audio-results of our Ameland project (may of this year) ... The (tiny, fullscreen, or somewhere in between) webcast features movies by 0: OK 0,1 [0: OK 0,1], Dick Tuinder [Ulysses], Peter Mertens [Infinite] and Martin Takken [Ameland Audio Videa's].

For those who missed the 'live stream', there is was an archived programme ...

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vicky's mosquitos

september 06, 2004.

"Vicky's Mosquitos" is a new project of mine. It is based upon Mosquitos, a chapter from 'Mars & other Stars', a story that I wrote precisely three years ago, over the first weekend of september 2001. The story is set against the yearly Stockhausen summer courses that take place in the German village of Kürten. Those that have been there, will probably recognize a lot. The story's plot is pure 'fiction', though.


In the 'Mosquitos' chapter the narrator meets Jeff, who is from L.A. Jeff came to the courses with his keyboard, to learn how to play Stockhausen's "Piano Piece XV", also known as the "Synthi-Fou". At breakfast in the hotel where the narrator and Jeff are staying, they meet another course participant: the Professor. The main part of the text consists in a monologue by the Professor: about the mosquitos that have been keeping him awake, buzzing and biting him all night long, about his former alcoholism, his mother, about burglars and the wearing of clean ironed suits ...

"Vicky's Mosquitos" has MacOS voice 'Vicky' reading a version of the text, that I beforehand adapted to the peculiarities of her voice and diction.
It takes Vicky 30 minutes and 7 seconds to say it all.

For the sequel of the project I am looking for musicians that are interested in creating a soundtrack to Vicky's reading of 'Mosquitos'.
As (part of) a 'live performance'.
Improvised, composed ... whatever.
They may use all of Vicky's reading, unaltered; or choose parts of it; or make their own 'cut-up' of the reading. Comment upon it, react to it, destroy it, enhance it, de(con)struct it ...

The only 'conditions' are:

  1. Eventually their work 'using Vicky' should be brought 'live' (in public) ;
  2. Each performance should start with, and leave unaltered, the first phrase of Vicky's reading.

You can listen to and/or download Vicky's reading from the Open Source Audio section of the Internet Archive.

If you are interested in 'playing with Vicky', and participate in the project, I will send you an audio-CD with the recording's master file. (Drop me an email, or leave a comment below ...)

For the 'Vicky's Mosquitos Project', as I see it now, apart from providing the recording of Vicky reading Mosquitos, my only additional task will be the collecting of the works thus made.
Whenever, at some time in the future, someone will be doing a performance involving Vicky's Mosquitos, I would like him/her/them to let me have:

Of course I hope to eventually obtain many contributions, hear many different styles, approaches and atmospheres, from places all over the world … Given a decent 'volume' of contributions, I will try to have all of them played, in full, in (one, or - who knows -, several) 'day/night-long' radio- and/or webcasts. Also, I will of course document all contributions on a website dedicated to the project.

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