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january 16, 2004

Please note that as of jan. 16th, 2004, the HM-guide page(s) will no longer be updated. As of now you can find all relevant information on site updates directly on the frontpage. Thanks for visiting ...

blog Whispering. As if spoken by a sick, old and physically very weak person:"On a besoin de moi pour accompagner des gens ..." More on Pierre Delhumeau's cassettes ...a progress report. Listen carefully ... [more] >soundblog - 06.01.2003<

FR + EN The Found Tapes Exibition has been updated! Ten (10) 'chronological found cassette montages' now to be heard, individually, or as an in-order mp3 stream (for all ya broadbanders). >chronson - new year's day 2004 <

NL Nog vr de kerst in de Writersblock, in het negende deel van Henrik Henegouws Hellevaart, maken we kennis met Diana Dromvers:Henrik "Twee stille tranen slopen door het mascara op haar wangen en trokken daar kronkelend twee spoortjes, als de regen in het stadsstof op de ruiten van de abri. Dertien jaar en niet eens nageslacht. Even snikte Diana, en ze voelde een novelle wellen.
Dat verzachtte haar pijn een beetje..."
--> December 2003: Sinterklaas kapoentje. >harsman - 22.12.2003<

blog Preparing my 'choreography' for the la belle soire's performance made me feel like Beckett's Krapp , digging up spirits from the past. I even imagined doing a Krapp -like 'Live chronicle', sitting behind my table on a stage, going through my notebooks, picking out tapes from a box, playing them, and commenting..." [more] >soundblog - 22.12.2003<

blog And a guitar. Together abs(.)hum played one guitar, four-handedly. But they never touched it. abs(.)hum even stayed hidden from view, and it was the instrument that was out in the spotlight, asking our attention (compassion?), laid out passively like a benumbed and will-less subject on a surgeon's table. The small center stage part it occupied had become an operating theatre, quite litterally, and abs(.)hum was the (anonymous) surgeon. [more] >soundblog - 07.12.2003<

NL + EN SUPPORT our many and divers projects ( ... Henrik Henegouw, Sound Chronicles, Found Tapes Exhibition, SoundBlog, Amphibious Records Archives, Geluideiland, ... ) all hosted on or accessible from these pages with A CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE: do hit the Google Ads banners whenever their subject seems of interest yo you! (Just above...) >general - july.2003<

NL + EN Many of the recordings made on Ameland (all together some 15 hours, on cassette and MD) while artist in residence (AIR#2) in Timo Mank's wondrous 'edge of the world' hotel-gallery Dit Eiland geluideilandhave found a spot on the 'Island of Sound' (Het Geluideiland). A Flash animation enables you to navigate through a map of the island, and listen to sound fragments by clicking the spot where they sounded.
Actually there are 61 different sounds to be found.
Read more in our Sound(B)log! (Ameland Diary) ... >chronson - june.2003<

YEs! (..."bejAhen, immer bejaHen"...)

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