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Tafelmuziek CD
  1. Tafel 24 (03'08")
  2. Tafel 00 (02'04")
  3. Tafel 18 (04'35")
  4. Tafel 25 (05'07")
  5. Tafel 05 (02'47")
  6. Tafel 17 (05'05")
  7. Tafel 15 (00'52")
  8. Tafel 19 (01'56")
  9. Tafel 20 - "Angy" (08'27")
  10. Tafel 21 (03'31")
  11. Tafel 26 (04'57")

0 ok, 0:1 are FPCM (Peter Mertens) and HarS (Harold Schellinx).
Special guest: Martin Takken. Pure sound contributed by de Hollumer Gromkes, Dick Tuinder and others. All tracks based upon material that was live performed and recorded as part of the Treasure Island project, from may 22nd to may 28th, 2004.
Edited by HarS.
Coverlino by Max Kisman, labelling by dbxl.nl, bookletlino by Dick Tuinder.
Experience led by FPCM.

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... they wrote about 'Muziektafel/Tafelmuziek (2004)' ... ::

"[...] 0 OK, 0:1 come up with the term "at once good pop music" to describe what they are doing, and although they neither have song structures nor rhythm or catchy melodies, this term is not all ironic. The music is indeed of an easy-going quality at times, with simple melodies played on cheap keyboards or quirky adaptations of popular tunes. However, the next moment it can already be somewhere else, a fierce shortwave drone or some improvisation [...] There are plenty of fine ideas in this music, some of them nice, some of them odd in a highly sympathetic way. And despite all these disparate elements 0 OK, 0:1 manage to give their music an overall friendly character that is present even in the harsher moments [...] an adventurous and real pleasant release ..."
__ [ Magnus Schaefer - Vital Weekly #572 (april 2007) ]

"[...] un disque à la fois séduisant et rude [...] Parfois radical, par le parti pris électro bruitiste, les sonorités cuivrées d'un saxophone ou d'une guitare, peuvent à tout moment ré-orienter les débats [...] La toute première écoute s'apparente à un surprenant voyage dans l'inconnu sonore, dont on ressort avec une multitude d'interrogations qui donne à ce témoignage auditif toute sa singularité ..."
__ [ Sonhors - Panorama Musiques Electroniques (april 2006) ]

... they said about 'Muziektafel/Tafelmuziek (2004)' ... ::
Vincennes librairie copy
"Op de Tafelmuziek CD luister ik naar de wereld van 'de techniek' in de vorm van digitale tiks en radio ruis, waar achter vandaan de wereld van 'de muziek' af en toe te voorschijn komt met akoestisch, instrumentale klanken. Wat is voorgrond-achtergrond, of inhoud-context zo je wilt? Op Tafel19 hoor je de basklarinet met op de achtergrond een klein kind. Dan opeens een paar Mac error klicks, waardoor ik me opeens bewust wordt dat het geheel zich binnen een computeromgeving afspeelt en niet de een huiskamer met kind op de achtergrond ..." __ [ Paul Oomen, Budapest ]

"Both me and E. really enjoyed it a lot!! Nice and dirty, just what we like! : ) ..." __ [ Will Guthrie, Nantes ]

"de tafelmuziek cd speelt, en bevalt zeer! soms goed opletten wat je hoort ..." __ [ Ate M. Hes, Utrecht ]

"this is fun stuff to listen to. I wish I could have seen it happen live! ..." __ [ Michael Peters, Kürten ]

"Ce sont des ambiances [...] calmes, subtiles, reposantes et intelligentes ! Je crois que ces morceaux vont rester longtemps sur ma platine ..." __ [Eric Houzet, Montreuil]

"Am very appreciative. Interesting sounds. I especially like the clarinet(?) trks..." __ [ Thomas Phillips, Montreal ]

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