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Edinburgh, UK, april 30, 1990, around 16h30 :: Solitary piper on Waverley Bridge.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, may 5, 1990, around 10h15 :: Liberation Day. On the pavement in front of the community building opposite my apartment, some girls are playing a cord game. They are singing: "Tingelingeling de school gaat in, half negen, half tien. Hebben jullie Melanie gezien? Nee, juffrouw! Klop, klop, klop. Wie is daar? Waar kom jij zo laat vandaan? Ik heb met een jongen op de hoek gestaan. Hoeveel kusjes heb je hem gegeven? Een, twee, drie, vier , vijf ... "

Gavarnie, France, july 16, 1992, around 22h30 :: Cécile and I attend an open air spectacle based upon the 'Faust' story and with the majestic 'Cirque de Gavarnie' as a decor. Ritual female singing in the final act, out in the fields.

(Based upon the fourth of four short & almost random mixes from a TEAC 4 track tape 'direct to cassette', made in Amsterdam on october 9, 1992, between 17h00 en 17h45, and send as my contribution for a 'sonology' day or weekend that was to be held some time later, at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague ('XRPT4').)
Montage: 5 april 2003

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