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Metro Paris, april 24, 2000, around 11h00 :: A metro musician playing his dulcimer on line 1.

Elephant & Castle, London, UK, april 27, 2000, about 15h30 :: I'm waiting for a bus. A black guy is preaching loudly, but nobody pays attention, really. A women says goodbye to a friend, a passer-by looks at the man, then insults him. The preacher man looks up to heaven and continues his sermon.

Metro Paris, may 26, 2000 around 11h00 :: On the departures platform of the Château de Vincennes station an Englishman is guiding his blind friend. He patiently describes to him in minute detail the interior of the train.

Queen's Walk, London, april 27, 2000, 12h15 :: I have just arrived at Waterloo Station by Eurostar, and start doing the Queen's Walk, alongside the river Thames. Lots of construction work going on there.

Vannes-sur-Cosson, France, december 30, 1999, about 13h30 :: Having lunch.

South Bank, London, april 29, 2000, 14h15 :: A violinist plays 'As time goes by', near the booksellers in front of the National Film Theater.

Lycée Hector Berlioz, Vincennes, France, april 24, 2000, afternoon :: Open day at the Hector Berlioz High School. A couple of students in the schoolyard have a go at a classic rock riff. I open up my office window and record.

Paris, France, may 28, 1999 around 18h00 :: Saxy plays the saxophone on the pavement in front of gallery Tadros, during the opening of Pat B.'s show.

South Bank, London, april 29, 2000, 14h40 :: I walk towards Waterloo Station. A child calls for his mommy. Under Hungerford Bridge a handful of teens is skateboarding.

Montage: may 2000 - mix: november 2001
[TEAC A-3440 | Protools DIGI001]

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