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At home, Amsterdam, april 19, 1990, around 19h00 :: Noises.

Train from York to Hull, England, may 1, 1990, 16h15 :: I'm on my way to the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. We just passed Howden. "Think about it," a man says to a colleague or friend. He repeats it several times. "Think about it."

De Brakke Grond Theater, Amsterdam, june 19, 1990, 21h30 :: As part of an 'Hommage à Velimor Chlebnikov', Jochem has put me inside of some sort of a rollin' cupboard, where I bang on the harp of an old piano and assorted pieces of metal, during the international 'object theater festival' in Amsterdam.

Rue Jean Volders, Brussels, Belgium, august 17, 1990, around noon :: Marta's neighbours fighting and shouting.

Metro Paris, december 30, 1991, 10h35 :: Line 5, Quai de la Rapée. Passing of an ambulance.

Near Villers-le-Lac, France, january 3, 1992, 11h30 :: Hiking with Cécile in the Jura, we pass a house with in its front yard a huge private birdcage.

Paris, France, january 5, 1992, 21h30 :: Watching Fellini's 'Casanova", in the Studio des Ursulines cinema

Paris, France, january 21, 1992, 18h30 :: Coffee stop with Cécile at 'Chez Barnard', avenue Parmentier

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