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Vincennes, France, july 12, 1998, around midnight :: The French soccer team has won the world championship. Horns, cries, cars, shouts, motorbikes, all over the Avenue de Paris.

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, february 11, 2000, evening :: I took Alec to see a concert by 3 DJ's - Christian Marclay, DJ Olive and Erik M. - in the Centre Pompidou. The noise and often very loud, extreme sounds produced by the scratching of a variety of vinyl on multiple recordplayers frighten him so much, that we have to leave well before the improvised performance has gotten half way.

Trouville, France, july 24, 1998, early morning :: Outside (rue des Rosiers): seagulls crying.

Montage: february 2000
[TEAC A-3440]

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