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On the train from Tsurugi to Kanazawa, Japan, january 20, 1996, about 8h15 :: I'm on a suburban train that brings me from Tsurugi to Kanazawa, where I have to change trains for Kyoto. A pre-recorded voice announces the arrival in Shijima.

Chicago Airport, US, may 27, 1998, afternoon :: On my way from Paris to San Francisco I change planes in Chicago. I'm passing through a corridor with what must've been a 'multimedia art-installation' (lights and sounds). A pre-recorded voice summons the passengers not to stop ("Keep walking !"). An African American shines shoes in the male toilettes while talking baseball.

Maruyama Park, Kyoto, Japan, january 20, 1996, about 15h00 :: Sound of water; in the Chion-in temple monks are going through some ritual, continuously hitting their drums.

Yosemite National Park, California, USA, june 17, 1998, morning :: While entering the park by car, a voice on the radio keeps repeating a number to call, for all information concerning Yosemite...

Ishikawa High-Tech Conference Center, Tatsunokuchi, Japan, january 12, 1996, evening :: I'm the only guest staying at the High-Tech Conference Centre, opposite of the JAIST (Japanese Advanced Institute for Science and Technology), a research centre in the mountains in the western part of Japan, near Tsurugi. In my room I watch a show featuring traditional Japanese music on television.

At home, Vincennes, France, may 26, 1998, evening :: The kids' toys make awesome electro-sounds ...

Montage: february 2000
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