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RER, Paris, France, february 5, 2001, 20h30 :: Line A. A German speaking family (mother, father and two teenage sons) is pretty amused about something or other involving 'Schinken' (ham).

Metro, Paris, France, february 1, 2001, 15h20 :: In a corridor of the station 'Nation' a musician playing the horn.

Bois de Vincennes, France, february 17, 2002, around 17h00 :: A beautiful afternoon. Two men are practicing hunting signals on their hunting horns. Around them children and dogs are playing. Above a helicopter passes.

Metro, Paris, France, may 17, 1998, 16h30 :: Line 6.

At home, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, may 19, 1998, 07h20 :: Cécile wakes me up early because of some family affair or other. I hang up on her. Angry. She calls again, and leaves a message on the answering machine. Sound of the machine rewinding.

Montage: 24 february, 11 may 2002

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