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Gare du Nord, Paris, France, december 11, 1992, about 20h00 :: I'm waiting for the RER B, one of the Paris 'Regional Express Network' trains, to take me way out into the rural southern suburbs of the city. Some Antillian singers and percussionists playing on the platform.

Metro, Paris, France, march 14, 1992, around noon :: A very sad looking old man plays the violin in a corridor of the Franklin Roosevelt station.

"Onze Lieve Vrouw van Goede Raad"-church, Maastricht, the Netherlands, december 24, 1992, around 21h00 :: Christmas, church. My mother's singing in the choir.

Ars-en-Ré, France, august 3, 1993, 21h20 :: My son Alec is crying. In 5 days he will have lived through his first month.

New York, USA, june 11, 1993 :: On Union Square an amateur fusion rock band is performing, mainly for the squirrels. Their music's drifting off on a hot, dry, dusty wind (18h00). In Grand Central's hall a saxophone player does 'Killing me softly' (10h40). Sirene of a police car in East 34th Street (14h50).

Paris, France, june 29, 1993, 20h50 :: At home, Rue du Chemin Vert. I'm watching from my window as a couple of disguised kids is running across the street, crying loudly. Dogs are joining them.

Paris, France, june 29, 1994, 20h20 :: At home, one year later, Rue de Fécamp. I'm listening to a direct broadcast of the soccer match between Holland and Maroc, on a French-African radiostation.

Circus 'Florilegio', Bois de Vincennes, december 14, 1993, around 22h00 :: A wondrous white horse worships his mistress ... 'Et voila !' ... Applause ...

Metro, Paris, France, december 30, 1991, around 10h40 :: Line 5, Quai de la Rapee, heading for Place d'Italie.

Gare du Nord, Paris, France, december 17, 1993, about 17h00 :: A barrel organ at the Christmas market. "Je ne regrette rien".

Montage: januari 2000 - mix: november 2001
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