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Central Pyrenees, France, august 8-15, 2002 :: The saying of 'Bonjour!', a little over 200 times, mostly recorded in the course of just two walks, on two separate days. The first, august 8, I walk with Cécile from the refuge d'Oule along the Lac d'Oule and the small Bastan lakes up to the refuge de Bastan. (They've got a donkey up there, to carry supplies). It was a wet and misty day in the mountains, which gave it sort of a Sherlock Holmishes feel.
The second day, august 14, it's with Cécile and the children that we walk, far longer than expected, over small ridges to the refuge de Soula (helicopters). There's also a couple of 'shots' dating from august 13, walking near the Lac d'Aumar.
The cowbells were recorded on august 15, while walking through the forest on the col de Beyrède.

Gistaín, Spain, august 6, 2002, around 12h15 :: A group of horse riding tourists with guide passing in front of the village church.

Gistaín, Spain, august 6, 2002, around 16h20:: The sound of crickets, on a mountain path just outside of the village.

Paris, France, march 22, 2003, around 11h30 :: To celebrate the coming of a new spring the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France performs Igor Stravinsky's 'Sacre du Printemps' in a special early morning concert for children, in the Théatre de Châtelet. Tuning of the orchestra.

Les Mureauxs, France, march 13, 2003, around 16h30 :: The sound of street repair works, on the corner of the rue de Lucenay and the rue Gambetta. The machine stops, a car passes.

Montage: 19-20 april 2003

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