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Trouville, France, july 24, 1998, afternoon :: Singers and dancers preparing for the night's show in the local casino.

Fontenay-sous-Bois, november 18, 1999, around 23h00 :: Natasha wraps up an evening of dancing, jazz and swing in the village community house with a solo tap dance.

Vincennes, France, july 12, 1998, around midnight :: Shortly after the French soccer team's final world championship victory. A man cries "Hey, on ne vous entend pas!" ("We cannot hear you!")

At home, Amsterdam, september 21, 1998, late afternoon :: Live also on Dutch television there's Bill Clinton's Lewinsky testimony, every now and then interrupted by a commercial. This one's for cat food (Kitekat).

San Francisco, USA, june 19, 1998, about 17h00 :: Gospel concert in Stern Grove Parc (Blind Boys of Alabama).

Montage: february 2000
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