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Metro, Paris, France, may 23, 1998, around 13h00 :: Line 1, from Château de Vincennes to Bastille. The train is almost empty. On the folding seat opposite to the one I'm sitting on, someone is playing the guitar.

Paris, France, may 16, 1999 around 19h00 :: Cécile participated in a singing contest. The president of the jury adresses the public.

Paris, France, may 28, 1999 around 18h00 :: Saxy plays the saxophone on the pavement in front of galery Tadros, during the opening of Pat B.'s show.

Venice Beach Market, Los Angeles, june 20, 1998, afternoon :: With Cécile and the kids we are walking along Venice Beach Market. A sword swallower makes boasts of his skills. We pass a bar where a rock group is covering Doors songs.

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, june 22, 1998, morning :: In W.'s kitchen there's a doll that begins to speak each time you pull the little cord that's dangling between her legs.

Montage: february 2000
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