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At home, Amsterdam, september 1991 :: I'm rehearsing a short phrase on the piano.

Gare du Nord, Paris, France, december 11, 1992, about 20h00 :: I'm waiting on a platform for the RER B, one of the Paris 'Regional Express Network' trains, to take me way out into the rural southern suburbs of the city. A group of Antillian singers and percussionists is preparing their 'platform performance'.

At home, Paris, France, 1994 :: One day in the mail I found an enveloppe with a cassette tape, sent by (the French branch of) Reader's Digest, containing "an important message from the President of the Lottery Committee ('Commission des Grands Tirages'). Please listen carefully."

Metro, Paris, France, march 14, 1992, around noon :: A very sad looking old man plays the violin in a corridor of the Franklin Roosevelt station.

Paris, France, march 8, 1992, around 15h15 :: At Pigalle a pickpocket – a true artist! - took my wallet. Shortly after, at the foot of the Sacré Coeur, Cécile and I listen to 'Les Portuguaises Ensablées'.

Vincennes, France, january 26, 2000, about 11h00 :: Outside a worker is having a go at the pavement of the Avenue de Paris with his sledgehammer.

Gavarnie, France, july 18, 1992, around 8h00 :: Early morning on the balcony of room number 3 of the Compostelle Hotel. The bells of the little church next door are ringing.

Aubervilliers, France, march 12, 1992, around 12h00 :: With Héléna and Cécile I went to a performance of Zingaro's 'Equestrian Opera', in the Fort d'Aubervilliers. Sounds of animals and Berber women singing.

Montage: november 2001
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