Exhibit 88

[ - october 02, 2008, acquisition prepared during a 'live atelier' in the emission 'Epsilonia' of Radio Libertaire (Paris, France) -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]

Foundtaping @ Epsilonia Foundtaping @ Epsilonia
In the pictures above I am working on the 88th acquisition, which was presented in the form of a 'live atelier', as part of Radio Libertaire's Epsilonia edition of thursday october 2nd, 2008


10/08/2007 13h50 Aubervilliers (France) - avenue de la division Leclerc spot

On the pavement, near the entrance gate to the "Métafort" center. American pop.

10/07/2007 17h15 Bagnolet (France) - avenue de la République spot

On the road's hard schoulder at the corner with the rue du Château. Arabic.

10/07/2007 17h10 Bagnolet (France) - avenue de la République spot

On the central reserve, just before the road crosses the roundway, near the Novotel. The cassette album "Live au Djaouhara", by cheb Hasni Sghir (raï music from Algeria, see picture)

10/06/2007 15h30 Brussels (Belgium) - Quai du Hainaut spot

Opposite the Chaussée de Gand, wrapped around the railing lining the canal. Dutch popular music.

10/05/2007 18h00 Brussels (Belgium) - rue de la Poste spot

Spotted from tram nr. 25. Clod in the gutter, on the corner with the rue Rogier (see picture). Arabic.

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