Exhibit 86

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09/02/2007 16h30 Montreuil - rue Etienne Marcel spot

Wound around foot of small metal fence, near nrs. 282-286 (see picture).

08/27/2007 22h30 Vincennes - place BĂ©rault spot

This tape was spotted by my son Alec (14). It was all spread out through and tangled up with the branches of the tree on the corner with the avenue de la RĂ©publique (see picture). It was not easy to get out. Though I managed to get most of it, I saw little bits and strains of the tape remaining high up there until as long as early may 2008 ... One side of the tape had a recording on it from a french radio program. On the other side, there is a (microphone) recording of a classical music (singing) lesson. The person taking the lesson? I guess he was the former owner of this cassette ...

08/19/2007 13h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Nieuwe Utrechtseweg spot

On the verge of the part of the road leading up to the Utrechtsebrug. Arabic / turkish (?).

08/15/2007 18h27 Place BĂ©rault, Vincennes (France) spot

Behind the small, low metal fence separating a small flower bed from the pavement, there was an old small Grundig reel-to-reel tapemachine. On it, still, a little reel-to-reel tape (see picture). On the tape we hear a french guy testing the microphone ("Bon-jour mons-sieur, bon-jour ma-dame ..."), speaking (reading) parts of english texts, and recordings songs/music (with the recorder's microphone). Judged from the music on it, it must have been recorded sometime in the early 1970s. We hear Joan Baez (I guess) singing 'We shall overcome' (probably as part of some anti-war / peace rally), Ennio Morricone, The Moody Blues, Michel Delpech, and more ...

08/15/2007 16h15 Paris XII - rue de Lyon spot

Picked up from the gutter, under a car parked in front of nr. 4 (see picture). The cassette must have been taped from a french radio emission, with, among other things, french cabaret, and a couple songs by the Ronettes. In the mix you hear "Be my baby".

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